4 Things Nobody ever told you About Adding Curb Appeal

According to a study at the University of Princeton, the first impression is created within the first 10 seconds! The first impression of your house is implied by the front of your house thus the curb appeal plays a significant role. The following are a couple of vital tips to elevate your curb appeal on a budget.

Inexpensive DIYs that give an expensive look instantly:

  • Paint your doors to give them a fresh look! If you’re not in the mood to paint, you can simply give them a good scrub and they are as good as new.

  • Spray paint your door knobs and door handles, which instantly makes them fresh and clean-looking.

  • Give those shrubs a fine trim on a Sunday evening.

  • Get new lighting fixtures. You can get those for up to $100, otherwise there are hundreds of DIY videos on YouTube to create these fancy low-cost hanging lights.

  • Add a few colored pots & porch plants and boom! It instantly uplifts the look and feel by several notches.

Beautify your landscape with color

You’d be amazed at how little you need to invest in landscaping in order to get a high-impact visual appeal for the front of your property. All it really takes are some nice shrubs and flowers planted around the entrance of your home, fresh mulch, and then a nice paver border to polish it up and give it a professional look. The important thing to note here is to choose native plants that have color for all seasons, so no matter what time of the year, your property will have a dash of color.

A winding walkway

A winding paving stone walkway adds a lot of charm to a property. Don’t just settle for throwing down a few large ‘outdoor tiles. That is boring! And you don’t want boring. Instead, take things to the next level and get a natural paving stone walkway installed. It can go from your driveway to your backyard, or it can go from your front door to your backyard. There are a few different implementations but the desired result is the same: a high value, beautiful home.

Make a statement with your driveway

Adding a paved driveway (concrete or paving stones) is a tried and tested ROI curb appeal method that increases your property value as it creates the first impression! You can choose from:

  • Stamped concrete
  • Stained concrete
  • Poured concrete
  • Natural stone pavers
  • Brick pavers

One of the main benefits of going with pavers is that they last longer and are easy to repair, while with poured concrete its main benefit is that it is cheaper than pavers.

Regardless of which you choose, a fresh, clean and new driveway will give you that curb appeal you so desire!
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