Sidewalks and Walkways

Walkways Whittier, CA Walkways and sidewalks are present on many residential properties. These structures are generally an offshoot of driveways. They either lead toward or from it into the surrounding landscape. The design and styling of walkways need to be in sync with that of the driveway in order to create a seamless appearance for your property.

We at PVM Concrete & Pavers provide excellent sidewalks and walkway design and installation solutions. We cover a large service area that includes Los Angeles, Orange County, and Whittier. Our team of experts also caters to clients in and around Riverside and Anaheim, and we have handled hardscape design and build for clients in Santa Barbara too.

Creativity is something we possess in great measure and we use our 25 years of experience to create stunning walkways on our clients’ properties. Over the years, we have completed a large number of sidewalk design and installation projects across San Diego, La Canada, and Valencia.

Custom Walkway Design

Property owners from in and around Huntington Beach, Mission Viejo and the surrounding areas engage our services for all their new hardscape and upgrade projects. We are truly passionate about what we do and can provide custom concrete sidewalks that can significantly improve the curb to appeal your home and its value as well. There are a number of different types of materials that can be used in these installations such as paver units, concrete etc.

Paver Walkway Installations

Pavers are a very popular choice for outdoor installations. These are available in a range of colors and designs and you can choose from different sizes, shapes, and textures. There are different materials as well and you can opt for stone, brick or concrete pavers. Since these interlocking units are installed on compacted sand the installation is quick. We make sure that edge restraints are set in place in order to keep all the paver units in position and prevent shifting or sinking.

Stamped Concrete Sidewalks

Many of our clients also opt for stamped concrete outdoor spaces. We can use various techniques such as staining, etching, stenciling etc. if required to create the kind of effect and ambiance you want in your outdoor spaces. We use the latest technology and tools in our work ensuring that your concrete sidewalks are truly resilient and that they add to the beauty of your landscape.

For any more information, feel free to contact PVM Concrete & Pavers at (800) 495-0148. You can also send us a message with your project details, via this Contact Us form and one of our experts will get in touch with you shortly.
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