Room Additions, Retaining Walls & Concrete Services in Whittier, CA

Concrete Services, Whittier, CA As a homeowner, you like to keep your home in good condition and may want to make occasional changes to your property. Some of these additions or alterations specifically add functionality to your home, while others also have an aesthetic purpose. We at PVM Concrete & Pavers offer a wide range of solutions, including room additions and hardscapes in Whittier, CA.

We offer start-to-end services that include everything from planning and design to material selection and construction of these features. Our uncompromising quality and focus on personalization and customization provide you with a delightful experience every time you hire us. These are some of the services we offer.

Room Additions

People who have lived in the same house for a long time may feel that they need more space for their growing family over the years. Sometimes, they need to create a home office or a home gym and more. However, moving to a bigger new home is an alternative that may not be desirable or feasible in every situation. If you are emotionally attached to your home and comfortable in that neighborhood, adding rooms to your house may be a preferable solution.

We are a professional and experienced company that provides custom room addition services. Our team will work with you, taking the time to understand your needs. They will give you the best room addition designs and plans, ensuring that you get the spaces you need.

Retaining Walls

The outdoor areas of your premises become the backdrop of your home and other structures in that space. This aspect makes it is essential to have stable ground with the proper grading. Sometimes, soil erosion issues make the landscape unsafe for use and can cause the mud and soil to sink or become displaced. In these situations, it is necessary to add some stability to the landscape before starting with any other construction or planting works.

We know from experience that retaining wall installation is an excellent way to achieve this objective. These specially engineered walls provide support to the outdoor spaces. When installed in strategic locations, they can prevent soil erosion. Our skilled hardscaping designers can also create dual use retaining walls with solid concrete masonry units. For example, they can design and build walls that also have seating or planters in them. In this way, you can have a safer landscape and use it optimally too.

Concrete Contractor

Hire a skilled and well-trained concrete contractor for the best, high-grade hardscaping solutions and room additions. We offer customized services, and our professionals are proactive and provide helpful input. We are a leading concrete installation company in Whittier, CA, in business for several years. We have the required licensing, are also local to your area, making us easily accessible, and we are prompt in providing services.

We have handled many projects and can complete your concreting job to industry standards. You can contact us and discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable team. They are attentive and quick with providing customized solutions. We will provide a detailed quote, and you will find that our high-quality services are competitively priced.

Our expertise in this space is unparalleled, and our team will ensure that the structures and features we design, and build meet your needs. For additional information about our services, call PVM Concrete & Pavers at this number- (800) 495-0148. You can also Contact Us via this online form, and one of our knowledgeable team members will call you back to discuss your requirements.
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