Best Native Plants in Southern California to add Life to Your Hardscapes

Enhancing the vitality of hardscapes in Southern California can be achieved through the strategic incorporation of native plants. These plants not only add aesthetic appeal but also contribute to the environment. Among the top choices are California Sagebrush, with its fragrant gray-green foliage and wildlife-attracting qualities. California Lilac boasts stunning blue or white blooms, requiring minimal care and supporting pollinators. California Poppy adds vibrant orange hues and self-seeds readily for a burst of color. California Buckwheat offers drought tolerance and erosion control with its white to pink flowers. Toyon's red berries and glossy leaves provide winter interest while attracting birds. Embracing these native plants fosters both the beauty and sustainability of Southern Californian hardscapes. Read more about Best Native Plants In Southern California To Add Life To Your Hardscapes »

Masonry Driveway Materials: A Selection Guide

In the following article we will offer a guide for homeowners when choosing the ideal material for a masonry driveway. We will compare paver options such as concrete, natural stone, and brick based on their durability, climate adaptability, and maintenance requirements. We will also offer style integration tips for seamless driveway upgrades. Please take a moment to read this informative article about masonry driveways! Read more about Masonry Driveway Materials: A Selection Guide »

Crafting Perfect Entertainment Areas with Hardscaping

In the following article we will be discussing how to craft your outdoor entertainment areas with hardscape features. There are many different elements that can be added to your outdoor living spaces that will allow you to get so much more enjoyment out of your outdoor areas. We spend so much time enjoying the great weather here in California, and part of that is spending a lot of time outdoors. Let us provide you with some great ideas to maximize your own properties! Read more about Crafting Perfect Entertainment Areas with Hardscaping »

Enhance Your Home's Value: The Power of Masonry Upgrades for Curb Appeal

If you are looking for ways to increase the curb appeal of your home, then this is a great article for you to have a read of. We will be discussing how the addition of masonry elements can really increase the visual appeal of your property. Things such as patios, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, and pool decks will not only add to the aesthetics, but they will also add to the value of your home as well! Read more about Enhance Your Home’s Value: The Power of Masonry Upgrades for Curb Appeal »

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining and Extending the Lifespan of Your Paved Surfaces

Do you have paved surfaces on your residential or commercial property that you would like to maintain and extend their lifespan? Well in the following article we will be providing you with a variety of handy tips on how you can maintain the lifespan of your paved patios, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and pool decks. Let us give you the knowledge and information you need to have your outdoor areas looking their best always! Read more about The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining and Extending the Lifespan of Your Paved Surfaces »

How to Incorporate Sustainable Hardscaping into Your Southern California Home

With the ever-growing concern for environmental issues, more and more people are seeking out sustainable options for their landscaping and hardscaping options. Not only is it better for the planet, but it can also save you money on utility bills and maintenance costs. In this article we will be talking about some awesome ideas on how you can incorporate sustainable hardscaping into your Southern California home! Read full article »

Spring Cleaning for Your Home's Masonry - Tips for Maintaining and Refreshing Your Brick and Stone Features

The first signs of spring have arrived. It means the time has come to tackle all those Spring-cleaning chores around the house. While most people identify spring cleaning as dealing with the interior of their homes, they often forget that the yard also needs attention. The colder climate can take its toll on the exteriors of our homes after a few months of use. Read full article »

5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home If You're on A Budget

The exterior of your house is the first impression made upon guests and prospective purchasers as they approach your property. Improving your home's curb appeal doesn't have to cost the earth, but it should focus on making a warm and inviting first impression. Homeowners can enhance their home's look and resale value by taking on a few weekend chores. These are five low-cost strategies for boosting your home's curb appeal. Read full article »

Landscaping Trends: 7 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are the new trend in landscaping. Environmental friendliness is just one of the reasons why these pavers have gained so much popularity. The technology behind these pavers is not new in any way. It has been in use for decades by the government to address the challenges created by rising water tables. However, their application in outdoor projects is a more recent phenomenon. At PVM Concrete & Pavers, we would like to share 7 reasons why you should consider switching to permeable pavers... Read full article »

9 Frost-resistant Plants You Should Have During a California Winter

When you think of plants that can survive frost or survive winter, evergreens are the first plants that come to your mind. Early spring blooming flowers such as snowdrops, crocus, and primrose can withstand harsh winter conditions while pansies are resilient to almost everything. If you want to add frost-resistant plants capable of surviving California winter, PVM Concrete & Pavers has many options for you to choose from... Read full article »

Outdoor Living on a Budget - 5 low-cost ways to upgrade your backyard

Your backyard is an extension of your home, and in many ways, it becomes a crucial part of your relaxation and entertainment activities. However, using this space optimally is all about planning all the features well while focusing on practicality, function, and aesthetics... Read full article »

How to prepare your landscape for winter

As winter comes, you should start thinking about how you can keep your landscape in tip-top condition despite the weather. There are many things you can do to set up your landscape for the colder time of year. A lot of preparation can be done, from mowing the lawn before winter to planning perennials for winter. Read full article »

Why should you invest in hardscaping?

Hardscaping is the act of adding natural or artificial elements to your garden space. These elements could be anything from rocks, concrete, bricks, water features, or even wood. Hardscaping is a great way to add character to your garden space while still maintaining its aesthetic appeal... Read full article »

How to create an outdoor living area (backyard) that is environmentally friendly

Outdoor living spaces can be a great way to spend time outside while still enjoying the comforts of home. You can create a backyard that has all of the amenities you need, including furniture and storage, without sacrificing anything in terms of style or comfort. The idea of living in the outdoors is becoming a popular trend. Let's explore different ways to make your outdoor living space more... Read full article »

Enjoying the summer in the shade

The past 30 days have been scorching across not only the US but other parts of the world as well.
And we have definitely been feeling it in California! However at the same time who wants to stay cooped up inside all Summer? We've had our fill of that during the lockdowns. So, what can... Read full article »

How to Hardscape a Sloped Yard: Options & Ideas

You've got a piece of land, but it just doesn't seem usable due to slopes.
Fear not! All is not lost. There are some things you can do to tame the slope and still have a beautiful outdoor living space... Read full article »

DIY Adventures - How to Build a Small Retaining Wall

Small retaining walls can add a joyous architectural element to your landscape design. Furthermore, such installations maximize usable space in your yard by building up, not out. A perfect solution to a sloped yard or limited space. Read full article »

10 hot tips for upgrading your property with hardscapes

More and more Americans are upgrading their properties and turning their backyards into their own private 'staycation' resorts. You may as well, since your home is your castle! Any good castle makes use of pavers and hardscapes, so here are some hot tips for you to help you transform your home from bland to grand. Read full article »

How to hardscape a yard Do's and Don'ts

We all want our own little slice of paradise. So, let's stop dreaming and start digging! In today's article we're going to dig deep and give you some pro tips on building your own hardscapes in your backyard. Read full article »

DIY Adventures: How to enclose a patio

You've got a patio. Great! But Summer is around the corner and you don't want to be burnt to a crisp. No, not this year! This is the year you take proactive steps and get a shade structure created so you can enjoy the warmth of the Summer without the Sunburn. Read full article »

5 outdoor heating ideas to help make your backyard usable in the winter

While California has great weather all year round, that doesn't mean that it doesn't get chilly at night in the winter! I don't know about you, but to me 40 degrees is chilly. But as Californians, we LOVE the outdoors, even if it is chilly. So, how can we enjoy those cold nights without our fingers falling off? Let's go over some ideas right now! Read full article »

DIY Adventures: How do you build a patio? (Do's and Dont's)

The day has come and you've made the decision to finally go on down to Home Depot, get yourself some pavers, gravel, and sand and build your OWN PATIO! You've watched some videos on Youtube and you have a pretty good idea, but don't start yet until you've read our Do's and Dont's! Read full article »

DIY Adventures: How to Build a Paver Patio - Step by step

DIY hardscaping isn't for everyone, but for those who have the time to spare and skill it can be a highly rewarding experience as you're building the foundation where your family will rest their feet. But don't think you have to be a seasoned veteran to create a simple paver patio! Thanks to the wealth of video lessons on Youtube and articles on the internet. Read full article »

5 Reasons Why You'll Be Glad You Got a Fire Pit

The kitchen is everyone's favorite room in the house. People also love spending time outdoors. Put the two together and you have 'an outdoor kitchen' a space that everyone will LOVE. Read full article »

6 Pro Tips to Keep in Mind When Building Your Own Patio

You’ve made the big decision to head on over to Lowes, Home Depot, or wherever, and get your masonry supplies and build your very patio! By doing it yourself, you’re going to save a lot of money but what sort of result you end up with will depend on how much homework you do.Read full article »

DIY - How to Install Lighting On Your Retaining Wall

After investing your hard-earned money on upgrading your property with landscaping and hardscaping, you want to get the most bang out of your buck. One way you can achieve that is by making your beautiful surroundings visible 24 hours a day! By investing in lighting, your landscape will come alive at night, creating a magical atmosphere. Let's show you how you'd go about installing lighting on a retaining wall. Read full article »

DIY Crash Course on Laying Pavers

Before buying any materials or laying anything down, make sure you take the time to thoroughly site up the space, measuring all sides, and writing them down. Then, do some simple math to calculate the total surface area you have in square feet. Pro tip: buy 15% more pavers and material than you think you'll need, as sometimes pavers break or calculations are off, and by doing this you can save yourself an extra trip to the store. Read full article »

5 things you can do with landscaping to keep your cool in a heatwave

Fourth of July weekend, and no matter how hot it is outside, America is going to go out and party. Be it in the comfort & privacy of their back yards, at the beach, a public swimming pool, parks, or what have you. After a year of COVID restrictions, we want out, heatwave or not!

And Summer has JUST begun, literally last week. What if there are more heatwaves?

This does bring up an interesting point of conversation for the home-owner: how can I enjoy this Summer outdoors and not be broiled alive by any other heat waves?

The solution, of course, is in landscaping.

Take a walk with me. Read full article »

Enjoying your backyard all year round

We're PVM pavers, and while we don't build pools or pergolas, we do build the foundation for your backyard paradise: patios, walkways, driveways, walls. If it has anything to do with pavers or concrete, we do it! After all, you're not going to build your dream oasis on the dirt, you need quality concrete or interlocking pavers. Read full article »

4 Things Nobody ever told you About Adding Curb Appeal

According to a study at the University of Princeton, the first impression is created within the first 10 seconds! The first impression of your house is implied by the front of your house thus the curb appeal plays a significant role. The following are a couple of vital tips to elevate your curb appeal on a budget. Read full article »

6 reasons why you should transform your home and have your own: "resort staycation"

Staycation is a word that has been merged using two words, stay and vacation. Only a lucky few of us own a "staycation" where we go and enjoy our vacations, but most people just make their way to the resorts. However, COVID-19 has turned around the norms of this world and going to resorts is not an option anymore. Read full article »
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