6 Pro Tips to Keep in Mind When Building Your Own Patio

You’ve made the big decision to head on over to Lowes, Home Depot, or wherever, and get your masonry supplies and build your very patio! By doing it yourself, you’re going to save a lot of money but what sort of result you end up with will depend on how much homework you do.Read full article »

DIY - How to Install Lighting On Your Retaining Wall

After investing your hard-earned money on upgrading your property with landscaping and hardscaping, you want to get the most bang out of your buck. One way you can achieve that is by making your beautiful surroundings visible 24 hours a day! By investing in lighting, your landscape will come alive at night, creating a magical atmosphere. Let's show you how you'd go about installing lighting on a retaining wall. Read full article »

DIY Crash Course on Laying Pavers

Before buying any materials or laying anything down, make sure you take the time to thoroughly site up the space, measuring all sides, and writing them down. Then, do some simple math to calculate the total surface area you have in square feet. Pro tip: buy 15% more pavers and material than you think you'll need, as sometimes pavers break or calculations are off, and by doing this you can save yourself an extra trip to the store. Read full article »

5 things you can do with landscaping to keep your cool in a heatwave

Fourth of July weekend, and no matter how hot it is outside, America is going to go out and party. Be it in the comfort & privacy of their back yards, at the beach, a public swimming pool, parks, or what have you. After a year of COVID restrictions, we want out, heatwave or not!

And Summer has JUST begun, literally last week. What if there are more heatwaves?

This does bring up an interesting point of conversation for the home-owner: how can I enjoy this Summer outdoors and not be broiled alive by any other heat waves?

The solution, of course, is in landscaping.

Take a walk with me. Read full article »

Enjoying your backyard all year round

We're PVM pavers, and while we don't build pools or pergolas, we do build the foundation for your backyard paradise: patios, walkways, driveways, walls. If it has anything to do with pavers or concrete, we do it! After all, you're not going to build your dream oasis on the dirt, you need quality concrete or interlocking pavers. Read full article »

4 Things Nobody ever told you About Adding Curb Appeal

According to a study at the University of Princeton, the first impression is created within the first 10 seconds! The first impression of your house is implied by the front of your house thus the curb appeal plays a significant role. The following are a couple of vital tips to elevate your curb appeal on a budget. Read full article »

6 reasons why you should transform your home and have your own: "resort staycation"

Staycation is a word that has been merged using two words, stay and vacation. Only a lucky few of us own a "staycation" where we go and enjoy our vacations, but most people just make their way to the resorts. However, COVID-19 has turned around the norms of this world and going to resorts is not an option anymore. Read full article »
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