Enjoying your backyard all year round

Let's face it…

We want to spend time outdoors, but not if it is uncomfortable.

Discomfort is caused by 3 main things:
  1. too hot
  2. too cold
  3. rain

Therefore, in order to create an outdoor living environment, that you can enjoy all year round, regardless of the temperature, you'll need to have elements in place to combat these 3 things.


California has more pools than any other State in the USA. And for good reason! It is warm/hot most of the year! A pool is the perfect way to enjoy the Summer without being broiled. Thanks to the explosion of popularity of fiberglass in-ground pools, the home owner now has an enormous variety to choose from, no matter what your budget and size requirements are. There are literally hundreds of different sizes to choose from.


It can get pretty darn chilly at night in Los Angeles, and California in general. Forty-degree temperature shifts are not easy to deal with, but with right elements you can still enjoy your outdoor space, in the chill of night, without having to be bundled up.


Who doesn't love gathering around a crackling and mesmerizing firepit? Resting your feet, feeling the warmth and getting lost in your gaze of the dancing flames. It doesn't stop there, you can also repurpose your firepit into something of a BBQ, with the right attachments! Versatile, low cost, high reward.

Outdoor Fireplaces

These tend to be a little bulkier than a firepit, so you' re outdoor space would need to have room to accommodate one. As far as function, they achieve the same effect of a firepit, but with a different visual style, so it is purely up to you which to choose! Whatever you feel looks best in your space. We would be remiss to not mention that with outdoor fireplaces, you do have the option of making your own brick oven for pizzas, if you get an oven/fireplace combo.

The Elements

Although it doesn't rain often in LA, when it does, you can still enjoy the outdoors if you have an outdoor shade structure, like a pergola, pavilion, gazebo, etc. What is the difference between a pergola and a pavilion? A pavilion has a full roof, while a pergola's roof is 'open' with gaps in it and rain can fall right through. However! In recent years there have been some developments and many companies now offer a transparent 'rain guard' for their pergolas, so you can sit under them without getting wet. These shade structures come in a variety of sizes and colors, from 10x10 and upwards.

The Full Experience

If you want to go all-in for the full experience, we recommend that you get a firepit, and place it directly under a pergola, and then, around the fire pit, 4 Adirondack chairs, and lastly, Edison lights strung on top of the pergola. This will give you a true backyard paradise vibe, while giving you warmth, shade, seating, and protection from the elements, all at the same time!

About Us

We're PVM pavers, and while we don't build pools or pergolas, we do build the foundation for your backyard paradise: patios, walkways, driveways, walls. If it has anything to do with pavers or concrete, we do it! After all, you're not going to build your dream oasis on the dirt, you need quality concrete or interlocking pavers.

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