Concrete Pavers

Concrete "Paver" Installation

"Unlock the Beauty and Durability of Your Outdoor Living Space in Los Angeles and Orange counties with Our Professional Concrete Paver Installation - The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Property"

Are you tired of an outdated and lackluster outdoor living space? Look no further than our professional concrete paver installation service. We are dedicated to providing a complete job from start to finish that sets us apart from the competition.

Our process begins with the removal and excavation of existing surfaces, including old concrete, asphalt, and dirt. We also remove an additional 2"-12" of soil to provide a solid foundation to support the pavers. By owning and operating all of our equipment, we ensure a fast and efficient job.

To provide stability and strength, all of our jobs include a geotextile fiber mesh. This fiber mesh acts as a barrier to keep out unwanted weeds and plants, while meeting and exceeding all Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Standards. Our crushed aggregate base is compacted for proper drainage and strength, ensuring lifelong enjoyment of your new pavers.

We then install and screed 1"-1 1/2" layer of sharp-angled sand in preparation for the concrete or clay pavers, which are placed by hand for a proper fit and locked in place with a vibrating plate. Our border stones are set in concrete to ensure a proper border and foundation for your new pavers, protecting them from shifting.

The final step is the sand joints, where we lock in your pavers permanently. Our highly experienced crew will use a vibrating plate to push sand into the joints and lock the pavers into place, then we use joint/sand sealer to keep the locking sand from washing away.

We take the clean-up process very seriously, leaving every job completely clean and ensuring that you can enjoy your beautiful new outdoor living space right away. Don't settle for anything less, upgrade your property with our professional concrete paver installation today.
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