DIY Adventures: How do you build a patio? (Do's and Dont's)

Let's discuss some of the key Do's and Don'ts:

  • DO use precision! Make sure that you lay out your pavers with precision right from the start. If you get off the mark early on, it can lead to even bigger mistakes later on. It's a good idea to use string or landscaping paint/tape to maintain a straight edge, and always check, recheck, and double-check your work!

  • DON'T hammer pavers together. While you can use a rubber mallet to tap your pavers down into the sandy base layer below, don't smash pavers together with a hammer. Pavers need to have about 1/4 of an inch between them, to allow for flex, expansion, contraction, and water seepage.

  • DO use an edge restraint to hold the pavers in place. An edge restraint prevents the pavers from moving out of place due to the gradual shift of the ground over time. If you don't want edge restraints to be seen in the finished product, invisible edge restraint material can be used that are spiked into the base materials.

  • DON'T walk away from the job without adding a final sand layer! The pavers need to have sand or very fine stone swept into the cracks between the pavers. Some contractors will use polymeric sand; others will use very fine pebbles. The goal with fine rock is to allow for a permeable effect (water seeping through the fine rock into the ground beneath). The goal with polymeric sand is to create a flexible seal between the pavers.

  • DO plan for the long-term. A paver patio can last for decades, and once they're installed, they're very difficult to remove! Make sure you love the design and the style you're planning on installing, and make sure the size of the patio will meet your needs for years to come.

  • DON'T downsize your patio! Here's a hint, one of the number one complaints homeowners have about their patios is they're just not big enough. It's amazing how fast a patio space can get used up with benches, chairs, tables, grills, etc. Make it a little bigger than you were originally intending, and you'll be happy you did!

That wraps up our DIY Pro Tips on how to build a patio. We hope you found it helpful!

During this DIY adventure, if you get stuck and give up, we want you to know that PVM Pavers is here for you and we'd gladly come out, take over and build you a space you'll love, at a price you can afford.

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