9 Frost-resistant Plants You Should Have During a California Winter

When you think of plants that can survive frost or survive winter, evergreens are the first plants that come to your mind. Early spring blooming flowers such as snowdrops, crocus, and primrose can withstand harsh winter conditions while pansies are resilient to almost everything. If you want to add frost-resistant plants capable of surviving California winter, PVM Concrete & Pavers has many options for you to choose from.

At PVM Concrete & Pavers, we are a full-service concrete specialist in Orange County, CA, serving clients and their landscapes throughout the region. There are many more plants besides rose mallow, forget-me-nots, and sweet alyssum that can bring color and elegance to your garden and withstand the winter.


    Leatherleaf mahonia is a hardy shrub that is suited for California’s conditions. It produces groups of small yellow flowers that bloom during the winter season.


    Bleeding hearts feature rows of pink, heart-shaped flowers. While they may seem fragile to many, they are hardy plants to be grown in Zone 2 through Zone 8. They can grow in the coldest regions of the U.S., making them perfect for California which has Zone 5 through Zone 11 regions.


    Winter jasmine can withstand frost and grow in zones 5 through 10. This vining shrub is cherished for its bright yellow flowers, and it does shine in its full glory during the winter.


    All these bulbs are valued by many when they bloom in all their glory in spring. They are hardy and frost-resilient in all the zones way up to zone 3.


    Lilacs like colder winters. If you want to add a plant to your garden that dramatically enhances fragrances, you should choose lilacs. These hardy shrubs can thrive in zone 3 through zone 7.


    Rhododendrons include a wide range of flowering shrubs known for their beautiful pink springtime flowers. They retain their waxy green leaves all year round including the winters. These plants are hardy and can withstand frost and cold in all the zones through Zone 4.


    Daphne is a very hardy plant can is capable of withstanding both frost and drought for some periods of time. It is another high-fragrance flowering shrub. It is capable of thriving in zone 9 and blooms during the winter, ensuring your landscape stays colorful when the temperatures start falling.


    Daylilies are preferred in landscaping because they are quite tough and don't need much care. They can also survive frost and colder winters. They can thrive well in zones 4 through 9. The only challenge is that they are available in tens of thousands of varieties that have slightly different climate preferences.


    Petunias are also frost-resistant plants. They especially look great in hanging baskets, but you can add them to your garden any way you like. These are tender perennials and can thrive in zone 9. They bloom throughout the winter months.

So, these are 9 frost-resistant plans that you should consider adding to your garden during California winters. At PVM Concrete & Pavers, we provide professional design, installation, and maintenance services for different types of hardscaping projects. We have over 25 years of industry experience and as a family-owned and run business, we take every client and project seriously. To learn more about our services, feel free to contact us at (800) 495-0148. You can also write to us and we will get back to you at the earliest.
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