6 reasons why you should transform your home and have your own: "resort staycation"

Staycation is a word that has been merged using two words, stay and vacation. Only a lucky few of us own a “staycation” where we go and enjoy our vacations, but most people just make their way to the resorts. However, COVID-19 has turned around the norms of this world and going to resorts is not an option anymore. Following are a few reasons why you ought to consider converting your home into a “staycation”:

  1. COVID-19 Pandemic:

    A pandemic like this is a never-before-seen situation for many of us. We cannot eat out, go clubbing, visit our friends, or host parties at our homes. Working from home and staring at the walls all the time can be extremely depressing and can affect all aspects of your life. But there is a lot that you can do at your home. For example, you can always be creative with your backyard. If you are fond of barbecues, you can have your own outdoor kitchen and just grill away and enjoy your meals besides a warm and cozy fire pit, while gazing at the stars. Or you can refurbish your patio with a comfortable sitting area and enjoy your Sunday brunches or simply relax and read a good book.

  2. A Remunerative Investment:

    Property values are certain to rise over time. A study has shown that home prices in the U.S have risen 3% to 6% a year for the past 20 years, and that trend is likely to continue. People must cut down on their expenses so they can save and build their houses or renovate them. But along with the perils that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought along with it, there are some positive aspects brought about by it too. With all our regular socializing and traveling, it is difficult to save money but due to COVID-19, we are indeed saving a lot of money that we spent on eating out, traveling, vacations, etc. You can use it wisely and turn it into an investment that you will certainly benefit from in the long run.

  3. Entertainment and a source of Recreation:

    Summer is around the corner but during the pandemic, indulging in those fun summer activities might not be possible. We all wait for summer to run to the beaches and get a tan. Nevertheless, you can lounge around your pool and enjoy the sun. There are a lot of pool options that can be easily installed along with fancy pergolas should you be wary of sun exposure.

  4. Fresh and Healthy Environment:

    We are aware of the importance of fresh air for our health. Some people prefer a well-built patio over the garden, but nothing can be compared to the peace that a garden brings about. Or better yet why not have both in one place? PVM Pavers has been constructing custom-designed gardens and lawns for more than half a century now!

  5. Fresh and Organic Vegetables:

    There is a whole list of diseases caused by eating non-organic food. Experts at PVM Pavers will not only help you design your garden but also pick the highest quality seeds for your mini farm that are certain to yield.

  6. Your Mental Health:

    One of the most bizarre effects that covid-19 has caused is depression due to a lack of socializing and staying indoors. The rate of domestic violence and suicide has risen considered only in the past few months. While the lack of socializing can be partially overcome with social media and virtual phone calls, no app can substitute a breath of fresh air out in nature! Having a patio or a backyard garden can considerably help your mental health too otherwise why would prisons have walls?

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